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All my WordPress Websites are built for PageSpeed

A brief introduction

Hi, my name is Paul.

Iā€™m a web designer from Mold in Flintshire, offering affordable website design, development, hosting and maintenance services to small businesses and organisations. I have been building websites commercially since 2007 and have delivered over 250 projects to clients across the North West and North Wales.

In November 2022 I went freelance, creating Pixel B with the aim to continue my work balancing profit & purpose.

Frameworks USED
What’s PageSpeed?

Accelerate Your Organic Search Growth.

PageSpeed is a tool that helps to measure the performance of a website. It checks for factors that can slow down the loading of a page, such as large images or inefficient coding, and provides suggestions for how to improve the page’s speed. The goal of PageSpeed is to help websites load faster and improve the user experience.

Faster Website
Happy Visitors
Higher Rankings

In simple terms, PageSpeed is a tool that helps website owners make their sites load faster and more efficiently. This can lead to happier visitors and potentially higher search engine rankings.

Google Core Vitals now factor website speed and user experience heavily in rankings. A slow site has a negative impact on your website traffic.

My Services

Web Design

Website Development

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UX & UI Design

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Extending your team.

Is your website meeting your expectations? Does your staff keep on top of content and security updates?

For a monthly fee, my professional web management services could be the solution you’re looking for. I understand that maintaining a dynamic and secure online presence requires constant effort. With my support, I can ensure that your website remains not only visually engaging but also fast and secure.